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The Malta International Airport in collaboration with Innovative Projects Ltd, have just launched the Secure Luggage Wrapping System at the Malta International Airport.

Such a facility is found at several airports worldwide and now it has also been introduced to complement one's trip when departing from our islands!

At the Malta Internation Airport

Secure Luggage Wrapping Service is available at the Departures Lounge, Malta International Airport.


Tourists and travelers may use this facility as a precautionary measure against

  • Theft
  • Unauthorised Opening
  • Damage
  • Hits and scratches
  • Bursting in transit
  • Exposure from adverse weather

This service offers the traveler a quick and economical method for protection of the luggage and also peace of mind during his trip.

How does it work

This process involves

1) The application of 8 layers of strong plastic film (100% recyclable) around the object,

2) A special seal to consolidate this envelope of protection, thus minimizing the risk of any tampering with the luggage.

3) A fiscal receipt which includes the date, time and place of luggage wrapping This will be useful with airline companies and also insurance companies if luggage is found tampered.

4) A specially designed information sheet is inserted between the plastic sheets as a form of identification of the luggage, containing Name, Surname and Destination of the person securing the luggage.

5) On site, at the Luggage wrapping station, there is also the facility to weigh the luggage if necessary.

This application takes less than 5 minutes and allows for the handles and wheels of the luggage to be freed so that they can be used in a normal way.

This special wrapping helps also to:

1) Tie in any loose straps
2) Support weakness in the package
3) Guard against the effects of zips popping open

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